The Detectives


Although Louis and Briggs have been assigned to a security operation at Wembley Stadium, they have their minds on winning the police table football tournament.
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Sunday 3 December 2023 @ 08:57 - 09:28

My Family - It's a Window Filled Life

After coming into contact with an infectious disease from Peru, the whole Harper household is placed under quarantine by Susan. How long will it be till they all drive each other mad?


Sunday 3 December 2023 @ 09:28 - 09:59

Not Going Out - Running

To impress Lucy, Lee starts training for a 10 kilometre Fun Run only to injure himself immediately. In an effort to hide the injury from Lucy, he gets himself a secret sports massage, but this just leads to more trouble.


Sunday 3 December 2023 @ 09:59 - 10:30

Ghosts - Perfect Day

The big day at Button House has arrived, but some freak weather disrupts everyone’s plans.


Sunday 3 December 2023 @ 10:30 - 11:00

Not Going Out - Party

Lee and Tim decide to try and throw Lucy a 30th birthday party but they both have different ideas. Lee is not happy when Lucy shows up at the party with a man and decides to try and get rid of him.


Sunday 3 December 2023 @ 11:00 - 11:29

Ghosts - Home

Mike is feeling intense anxiety about the future. The couple look into selling some land, incensing Lady Button. Can Thomas finally become a published poet?


Sunday 3 December 2023 @ 11:29 - 11:59

Ghosts - Bump in the Night

It’s a nervous Mike’s first night alone in the house when some uninvited guests set the ghosts on a mission to defend their treasured home.